About Us

Dani Pipano, President of Gate 1 Travel, has seen promise and possibility in the eyes of countless children. But he witnessed early in his travel career that students often lack the tools and resources they need to succeed in the classroom … and in the world.

In his earliest travel days as a tour guide in Israel, he learned the immeasurable value of helping kids who are less fortunate. “The children I met, and continue to meet,” he says, “have recognized that education is an absolute necessity on the road to success. And youngsters in developing countries long for the classroom. Their thirst for learning seems endless.”

Education & Enlightenment programs provided much-needed supplies and repairs to rural classrooms that had very limited funds. Existing classrooms were painted and new ones built. Infrastructure was improved and water tanks installed.

As the owner of a worldwide organization, Mr. Pipano knew he was in a unique position to help. In 2008, he launched Gate 1’s Education & Enlightenment programs to the company’s Peru and Costa Rica trips. These enriching programs give Gate 1 travelers a chance to spend some time on their trips at local primary schools, meeting the children and teachers and learning about curriculum and community issues that shape village education. The visits have also provided the opportunity for travelers to contribute books, uniforms, supplies, and more.

Today, Gate 1 travelers continue to offer donations during their school visits, and they see that small contributions make a big difference. Regional Gate 1 teams, too, feel more connected to their communities and the next generation than ever before. More than this, the students of these schools can get down to the business of learning … and fulfilling that promise and possibility that Mr. Pipano sees in every child’s eyes.

Supporting Primary Schools Worldwide

We’re thrilled and proud to have launched the Gate 1 Foundation, a worldwide initiative modeled after the successful Education & Enlightenment in Peru and Costa Rica. The Gate 1 Foundation is built on our long-held belief that travel provides endless opportunities to share cultural knowledge and to educate. And through the sharing, we can all discover, learn, and give a little in return.

With the establishment of the Gate 1 Foundation in October 2012, we took our “More of the World for Less” pledge one step further. Because now, you can make a real difference in the destinations you visit. We’re committed to supporting primary schools in developing countries and in the distressed pockets of other countries. We support, or have supported, schools in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Turkey, Thailand, Nepal, India, Israel, Swaziland, Morocco, Canada. We continue expanding operations to new destinations every year.

Gate 1’s regional staff is continually reaching into their communities to identify schools that need support. Then they work with the school officials to determine what kinds of projects will directly improve the lives of children.

A Funding Note About Gate 1 Travel and the Gate 1 Foundation:

The Gate 1 Foundation is a wholly independent, nonprofit organization. All administrative costs associated with the Gate 1 Foundation are wholly funded by Gate 1 Travel.

We hope you’ll join us as we improve lives worldwide through education.