The Foundation’s sole supported school in Argentina is Pablo Areguati, located in Iguazu. It is situated just a short distance from the village center of Puerto Iguazu, which has a population of 84,000, making it one of the few non-rural Gate 1 Foundation schools. The village is nestled in a valley within Missiones Province, in the far Northeast tip of Argentina, near the rain forest jungle landscape of the well-known destination of Iguazu Falls.

Our Impact

At Pablo Areguati school, the Foundation provided funding for the installation of a roof for a gym and sports facility, which, due to exposure to the elements, had a poor floor surface, impeding footing for the physical activities for which the space was intended. A year later, additional improvements were made to the roof, connecting the sports area to the main school building. In addition to these building and infrastructure projects funded by the Foundation, Gate 1 invites tour passengers, who visit our schools as part of their itineraries, to bring small items that are needed but in short supply, to give to the school’s students. In this way, Gate 1 Foundation is able to supplement its large-scale contributions with essential educational supplies, which students’ families are often unable to afford, thereby multiplying our positive impact on communities.


The economy of the village of Puerto Iguazu, where Pablo Areguati school is located, centers primarily around tourism related to nearby Iguazu Falls. Although the city’s many hotels provide the principal source of jobs for its residents, many parents whose children attend Pablo Areguati remain without work. Even if employed, many families make an inadequate income to support the cost of their children’s education, which is, in large part, their responsibility, given there is little assistance from the government. Magnifying the problem is the fact that most families have four or five children, each of whom incur education expenses. This leaves the needs of many students unmet.

Pablo Areguati School

At PABLO AREGUATI SCHOOL, the Foundation has funded these building and infrastructure projects:

  • Gymnasium roof
  • Roof connector between gym and main school building
  • New gymnasium concrete floor
  • Boys and Girls bathrooms
Gifts to Bring if You’re Visiting

Pencils, pens, rulers, notepads, used functional technology such as tablets (with needed charging cables)