Chief Jacob Bearspaw School was opened in 1998. It was Named after Ozija Thiha, Chief Jacob Bearspaw who signed the Treaty 7 document at Blackfoot crossing in 1877 as head chief for Bearspaw Band. The school ranges from Grades K-12 and is located in Eden Valley Reserve.

Our Impact

Gate 1 Foundation Supports the Chief Jacob Bearspaw School located on the Eden Valley Reservation in Alberta Province, Canada, where we sponsored a renovation that brought the school kitchen up to a commercial standard. The increased space and capacity greatly eased the burden on the school, which offers a full breakfast and lunch program to its students daily. The installation of a commercial dishwasher allowed for the purchase of washable plates, bowls and cups, which not only cut down on the weekly expense of purchasing disposable dishes, but also greatly reduced the amount of garbage produced, with a corresponding decrease in the frequency (and cost) of commercial waste disposal required. A new refrigerator provided the extra space needed to stock more fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. And increased kitchen space freed up storage space, allowing more creativity In food offerings, providing students with a wider and more interesting variety of foods.


Improved educational and health outcomes being realized: CJBS officials have acknowledged these gains. Vice Principal Robbie Gordon noted “…[H]aving children properly fed definitely helps in their ability to focus on their school work.” Added High School teacher Shannon Beck: “Now, we are not only able to serve healthy and appealing lunches, but breakfasts as well. We are optimistic that a healthier diet will continue to lead to increased attendance (which we have already been seeing), as well as increased attention and achievement in the classroom.”

The Foundation’s sole supported school in Canada, Chief Jacob Bearspaw, serves the children of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation on the Eden Valley Reservation, located in Alberta Province, Canada.  Situated about 50 miles southwest of Calgary, in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies, the school has a student population of 130-140 students, ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12

The residents of Eden Valley are plagued by extremely high unemployment and low high school graduation rates. Even those who are able to graduate have few options other than to remain in their very isolated community, which results in many  talented adults have no choice but to avail themselves of income support benefits. The challenge has  been to find a way to get young people to feel good about themselves and the choices they have. This makes an improved educational environment critical to the future of the children of this community.

At Chief Jacob Bearspaw, the Foundation completed a total renovation of the school’s kitchen and dining facility, upgrading both capacity and standards to commercial level. The completed facility improves the school’s ability to efficiently serve full breakfasts and lunches to its students in an updated, state-of-the-art environment. The improved quality of the meals that can be served has resulted in a manifest improvement in the educational experience of the students who attend the school.

Chief Jacob Bearspaw Memorial School

At CHIEF JACOB BEARSPAW, the Foundation has contributed funding for:

  • Total renovation of kitchen
  • Complete upgrade of school dining area
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