The Foundation’s two supported schools in India are Bainada Adarsh Vidya Mandir school, in Abhaneri. The village is located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan State, a rustic, rural area about 60 miles from the state’s capital city, Jaipur, along the road to Agra.

Our Impact

At Bainada Adarsh Vidya Mandir School, the Foundation has made infrastucture upgrades, built new toilets, repaired the main school gate and installed ceiling fans. Planned in the future are several new classrooms, which will alleviate having young children sitting in rooms open to the elements and extreme heat for lessons. In addition to these building and infrastructure projects funded by the Foundation, Gate 1 invites tour passengers, who visit our schools as part of their itineraries, to bring small items that are needed but in short supply, to give to the school’s students. In this way, Gate 1 Foundation is able to supplement its large-scale contributions with essential educational supplies, which students’ families are often unable to afford, thereby multiplying our positive impact on communities.


Since the Foundation improvements, school population has increased dramatically, to about 400 students from the very few who attended when the school first opened. There has been a corresponding increase in the number of students eventually graduating, illustrating greater access to education for many more local families.

Parents are able to save money on the purchase of school supplies and even games and toys for their children, as Gate 1 tour passengers who visit the school bring and donate these items on a regular basis.

Bainada Adarsh Vidya Mandir School

At BAINADA ADARSH VIDYA MANDIR SCHOOL the Foundation has funded projects including:

  • Installation and Renovation of Classrooms
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Perimeter Wall Around School Yard
  • Toilets
  • Main School Gate Repair
  • Ceiling Fans

Contemplated for future construction is the building of additional classrooms and the addition of a second school to the roster of Foundation-supported sites in India.

Padam Adarsh Shikshan Shansthan School

At PADAM ADARSH SHIKSHAN SHANSTHAN SCHOOL the Foundation has funded projects including:

  • Infrastructure Upgrades

Gifts to Bring if You’re Visiting

Notebooks, Pencils/erasers/sharpeners, Coloring books/crayons, Story/activity books, Activity oriented games, Small Toys, Stickers, Child sized socks/hats/gloves, Child sized raincoats/umbrellas, Children’s backpacks/school bags, Used functional technology such as tablets (with needed charging cables)