The Foundation’s sole supported school in Morocco is Association Ziz Accueil in the town of Rissani, located in Errachidia Province in the eastern part of the country. It is the closest town of significant size to the Erg Chebbi, the largest sand desert in Morocco.

Our Impact

The Foundation sponsored a total building renovation at Association Ziz Accueil, which is not a traditional school, but rather, a privately funded multi-purpose learning center for local children and their mothers. Before the Foundation provided financial support, the Association building was run down and in disrepair. With funding from the Foundation, Phase 1 refurbished the ground floor of the building, and included: new flooring for the classroom; both Turkish and English toilets; and repairs to or replacement of walls. Phase 2 covered the second floor, and include: new roofing; interior and exterior paint; electricity; and new flooring.  In addition to building and infrastructure projects funded by the Foundation, Gate 1 invites tour passengers, who visit our schools as part of their itineraries, to bring small items that are needed but in short supply, to give to the school’s students. In this way, Gate 1 Foundation is able to supplement its large-scale contributions with essential educational supplies, which students’ families are often unable to afford, thereby multiplying our positive impact on communities.


Ziz Accueil is a local organization focused on educating the women and children of the community. The Association facility houses a pre-school, early learning and child care programs, a classroom for tutoring, a library, and a home for women. Because the region’s population is very rural and tribal, there exist very few general resources. The Association steps in to fill this gap by making available educational and support services to which this population would otherwise have no access. Moreover, education for women in this region is rare, so the existence of this facility meets multiple needs that might be neglected without it, for children as well as for women.

Association Ziz Accueil School

At ASSOCIATION ZIZ ACCUIEL, the Foundation supplied funding for a total building renovation, including:

PHASE 1 – First Floor (Completed)

  • Classroom Flooring
  • Turkish and English Toilets
  • Repaired/Rebuilt Walls

PHASE 2 – Second Floor (Completed)

  • Roofing
  • Interior and Exterior Paint
  • Electricity
  • Flooring

Without the existence of this facility, women of the community would have no access to learning or support services.

Gifts to Bring if You’re Visiting

School books in French or Arabic, Coloring books, Color pencils, Felt pens, used functional technology such as tablets (with needed charging cables)